Dear Parents & Guardians

My name is Elizabeth Young, my husband Tony & I would like to introduce ourselves to you as the owners of the company. We excited to be able to offer you and your family a quality childcare service and look forward to building a relationship with you and your children.

I have an extensive background in education that ranges from previously operating a child care centre, to working for the last fifteen years within the Education Dept. WA.
I have experience in training and development; therefore my personal focus shall be on the quality of care delivered to your and your family, the support and training of staff and the full utilisation of the services available within the surrounding community.
Both Tony and myself are country born and bred and have operated agricultural, community and children’s enterprises for most of our lives. We value communities, families (we have three daughters) and really enjoy participating in local activities and events.

Yours faithfully

Liz & Tony Young