At Little Rascals Childcare, the health and safety of your child is paramount to us. So please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our guidelines.

A child cannot be accepted into our care with any illness which may, in any way, be transferred to others. Regulations state that a doctor’s clearance must be presented before a child can be re-admitted into the centre.
If your child is suffering from any of the following, your child must be kept at home:
– A temperature
– Diarrhoea
– Excessive cold symptoms, discharge from eyes, ears or nose
– Coughing (bringing up mucus)
– Conjunctivitis
– Chickenpox
– Diphtheria
– Measles
– Rubella
– Cold sores
– Ringworm
– Impetigo (school sores) if not covered
– Head lice
– Gastroenteritis
– Vomiting
– Severe skin rash or infection
– Infectious hepatitis
– Whooping cough
– Scabies (itchy skin)
– Mumps
– Hand Foot and mouth

Children and our staff with infectious disease will be excluded from the centre in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines. If your child is unwell, parents are requested not to bring the child to the centre

A copy of your child’s current immunisation status must be presented to management with the enrolment form. Children who are not immunised will be excused from care during outbreaks of some infectious disease. The centre may, from time to time, request that these details be updated.
Medication will only be administered to a child, if parents have completed and signed a medication form. All medication will be put in the refrigerator or in a safe place. Before medication is administered to a child, the staff member will verify the correct dosage with another senior staff member. After administering the medication, the staff member will complete the details of administration on the medication form.
If your child develops a temperature whilst at the centre (38 degrees celsius +) we will contact you for permission to administer paracetamol, and ask you to collect your child. In the event that we are unable to reach you, or any other contacts listed on the enrolment form, we will administer one dose of paracetamol. This will only occur providing you have signed the authority on the enrolment form. If you child fails to respond, we will seek further medical advice

Parents are required to provide written authority to seek medical attention for their child if required (enrolment form). In the case of minor accidents that occur in the at the centre, staff who are qualified in first aid will treat the injury and if deemed necessary, contact the parents to advise of the injury. If a serious accident should occur, the staff member qualified in first aid should assess the injury and report to management.
A decision will be made whether to take the child to hospital or doctor’s surgery or call an ambulance.

Our staff practice positive guidance towards solving problems with the children. Limits to behaviour will be clearly expressed in positive terms and reinforced consistently in a developmentally appropriate way. When an unacceptable behaviour persists, a few minutes sitting away from the group (no more than 2 minutes) may be chosen to allow the child to watch other children’s acceptable behaviour. Parents will be consulted and asked to work with the staff to ensure discipline techniques that are consistent and clear.

An excursion form must be filled in by parents for any outing from the centre. The excursion form gives consent from a parent which enables the staff of the centre to take your child out for an excursion.

At least one staff member with a current first aid will be on duty at the Centre at all times as long as there are children in the Centre as per Child Care Services (Child Care) Regulations 2006.

A copy of any Court Orders and/or Restraining Orders must be given to the Director on enrolment, or when approved by the court should the child/children already be enrolled.
It is also the responsibility of parents to inform the Management of any family separation issues where Court Orders/Restraining Orders are not in place. The family situation can in this instance mean changes to who parents wish to collect their child/children. Without Court/Restraining Orders we legally have to release children to either

parent. However, if we are informed of circumstances we may be able to suggest measures to assist parents in separation situations.

Emergency evacuation procedures will be clearly displayed near the main entrance, exit and in each playroom. Safety drills will be practiced at least two times a year.

Policies held by Little Rascals Childcare Centre include:
– Workers compensation
– Public and products liability
– Professional Indemnity

Parents are encouraged to voice their concern whilst your child is in the centre. Please feel free to speak to management. Child Care Licensing and Standards Unit is the body that regulate Child Care Services.
Their contact details are:
Phone:62103333 or 1800 199 383
Address: Level 1, 111 Wellington St, East Perth WA